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Shiny new things

  • New "Open in New Window" command for opening views in a separate window.
  • The app menu on macOS has been revamped to be more consistent with the OS.
  • Added keyboard navigation to the File Explorer and Search views Arrow keys to move through items, Enter / Shift+Enter to select.


  • Sidebar panes can now receive focus. This change allows hotkeys to work in editors moved into the sidebar.
  • The native scrollbar styling for macOS is now used throughout the app. This can still be overridden by themes.
  • Will now use your system font by default on Windows and macOS. You can customize this in settings.
  • Window title will now include the active file name.
  • New users will now automatically start with Live Preview. Users currently using the legacy editor will be prompted about the legacy editor going away in a future release.
  • Pressing enter inside a list item will now detect if the rest of the line is also a list item, and avoid generating duplicate bullet characters.
  • Merged "Account" and "About" tabs in the settings
  • Added "check for updates" button to theme.
  • "Safe mode" has been renamed to "Restricted mode".
  • "Open in default app" is no longer a Core plugin and the functionality has been moved into core.
  • Pressing Escape when there's a highlight in the editor (from search or navigation) causes the highlight to be removed, instead of requiring a mouse click.
  • On macOS, Ctrl+N/P can now be used to navigate suggestion results similar to Up/Down arrow keys.

No longer broken

  • Plugin panes will now automatically unload and reload when plugins are disabled or enabled.
  • Sidebar collapse/expand animation no longer causes editor panes to resize suddenly at the end.


  • CodeMirror 6 has been updated from v0.19 to v6.0. If your plugin uses cm6 extensions, please upgrade to v6.0 soon, and make sure you set your minAppVersion to 0.15.0.
  • Upgraded MathJax to v3.2.1.
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