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Shiny new things

  • The Tag pane can now be navigated with the keyboard.


  • macOS-only: the title bar is now 2px taller.

No longer broken

  • Plugin views will no longer get replaced when clicking on a link (such as Calendar).
  • Fixed files not being opened inside the currently active split.
  • Graph view interactions now works within a popout window.
  • The tag pane will show nested tags again.
  • Native scrollbars have been temporarily reverted on macOS due to the white background issue on dark theme.
  • "About" window on macOS will now show the Obsidian version correctly.
  • Ctrl/Cmd-clicking on the active file in the File Explorer will open it in a split instead of focusing the explorer.
  • Popout windows are removed when switching workspaces.
  • Vim mode: The ghost character (like #) that appears in an unfocused editor is now hidden.
  • Navigating forward/backward in history will skip over some views such as File Explorer or backlinks.


  • To account for sidebar views being able to receive focus, we have deprecated several Workspace functions whose behavior conflicted with user expectations.
  • Added .is-focused class to the window body of the currently focused window.
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