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Breaking changes

  • Removed support for app://local URLs. These were reported as a potential vulnerability when using iframes.

No longer broken

  • macOS: Text in the "Look up" menu item will now be trimmed to 40 characters.
  • Bookmarks: New unnamed groups will now be called "Untitled group" instead of "Untitled folder"
  • Bookmarks: Bookmark context menu items will now also refer to "Bookmark groups" instead of "folders" to avoid confusion.
  • Bookmarks: Bookmark group must always have a title.


  • Fixed issue with navigator.clipboard API not working in popout windows.
  • If you were relying on app://local for functionality within your plugin, you should use vault.getResourcePath(file: TFile) and vault.adapter.getResourcePath(vaultPath: string) as a replacement. These also works on mobile.
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