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Shiny new things

  • All new PDF viewer.


  • Clicking on links in a pinned tab will now open a new tab instead of reusing a random existing tab.
  • Bookmarks: Added new "Bookmark this block" menu item when right-clicking on a block ID.
  • Bookmarks: Bookmark view will now show an error state if the bookmarks.json file is malformed or corrupted.
  • Spellcheck is now enabled by default in new vaults.
  • Inline titles now have spellcheck enabled.
  • When Auto convert HTML is enabled, HTML tables will now be converted to markdown tables on paste.

No longer broken

  • Fixed slower performance of live preview when using popout windows on a secondary monitor.
  • Fixed opening files from File Explorer not giving focus to the new tab if "Always focus new tab" is turned off.
  • Fixed issue with multiple cursors having the incorrect selection color.


  • Updated PIXI.js to v7.2.4.
  • Updated Turndown to 7.1.2.
  • Updated Mathjax to v3.2.2.
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