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  • We've redesigned all the tree components (e.g. File Explorer, Outline view) to make the visual hierarchy more clear. This will likely impact any custom themes that you're using.
  • PDF: Improved text selection.
  • PDF: Added menu for embedded PDFs.
  • New behavior for "Open to the right" as well as the Ctrl/Cmd + Alt + Click modifier. Instead of always creating a new tab group, if there is a tab group to the right of the current tab, it will open the link in that tab group.
  • Outline: The outline view now supports keyboard navigation and preserves folded headings.
  • Obsidian Sync: Improved how Sync handles changing the casing for folder names (e.g. "some folder" → "Some Folder").

No longer broken

  • Collapsing items in the file explorer will now look visually better (previously the fold indicator of child elements would also appear to collapse as well).
  • Bookmarks: Fixed bookmark group not being populated in the Edit Bookmark modal.
  • Bookmarks: Hover preview no longer immediately hides after opening.
  • Bookmarks: Opening a bookmark with "Always focus new tabs" disabled will now still focus the newly created bookmark.
  • Spellcheck is now enabled when renaming files from the file explorer or from the tab title bar.
  • Backlinks: Fixed mod-clicking on backlinks not respecting the "Always focus new tabs" preference.


  • App will no longer show errors when plugins don't provide a "Component," to renderMarkdown, they will now just show a warning.
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