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Shiny new things

  • YouTube and Twitter links can now be embedded within your notes using the Markdown image embed syntax (i.e. ![](
  • Clicking on external links inside <iframe> now properly open them in the default browser.


  • Improved Live Preview rendering performance when moving the cursor.
  • Quick switcher: Bookmarks no longer rank higher in the search results.
  • PDF tabs will now automatically reload the PDF file when it is modified outside of Obsidian.
  • New hotkeys for interacting with the File explorer:
    • F2 to start renaming the focused file.
    • Space to open the focused file.
    • macOS: Enter to start renaming the focused file (to follow the OS convention).
    • macOS: Cmd + ArrowDown to open the focused file.
  • Live Preview: Markdown tables now require a blank line before them in order to render. This makes the behavior consistent with reading mode and offers better interoperability with other Markdown apps.

No longer broken

  • Linux: fixed issues with middle-click triggering paste when it shouldn't.
  • Renaming a file in the tab title bar now finishes the rename when using the Enter and Tab key.
  • Long tables that exceed the view width will now show a scrollbar.
  • Fixed missing first column when pasting a Markdown table.
  • File Explorer: fixed "Reveal file in navigation" not always scrolling the file into view.
  • Fixed Alt + Click in file explorer not setting the focused file properly.
  • Fixed alignment of icons inside tree components.
  • Search: Clicking filenames in the search results will now respect the "Always focus new tabs" preference.
  • Frontmatter will now still be recognized if there are spaces after the ending ---.
  • Fixed file saving interrupted when closing or quitting. Now Obsidian will properly wait for the file to be saved before closing.
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