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  • Properties: Date and time properties will now automatically be inferred without needing to assign the property type.
  • Properties: Emails will now be recognized as links in text and list properties.
  • Properties: External URLs are now clickable inside list properties.
  • Properties: "Add new property" command now works with the properties sidebar view.
  • Typing --- at the start of the document will now automatically insert the complementary ---.
  • Properties: Add support for dragging and dropping links into text and list properties.
  • Search: Removed the delay between typing and search happening.

No longer broken

  • Properties: Fixed bug causing properties with upper-case characters to not display the correct property type.
  • Live Preview: Frontmatter will no longer appear when switching from source mode to Live Preview with the cursor still in the frontmatter section.
  • Live Preview: Fixed cursor "dead spots" where text could not be edited at a given selection.
  • Properties: Shift-Enter will now accept the current text value without selecting the highlighted suggestion.
  • Properties: Property values are now sorted alphabetically when the suggest appears.
  • Properties: Switching a text property to a list property will automatically convert the value without warning about a type mismatch.
  • Properties: The "add property" row will be removed if you click away without creating a new property.
  • Properties: App URIs (such as obsidian://) will now be recognized as external links.
  • Properties: Parsing YAML is now much stricter. Unsupported frontmatter types will now properly be recognized as invalid, such as having an array.
  • Properties: Tab and Shift-Tab will now properly shift focus if the "Add properties" button is focused.
  • Settings: "Show file properties" setting has been renamed to "Show file properties in document."
  • Editor: Scroll bar should no longer affect the position of the text when it appears on long documents.
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