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August 14, 2023


  • Settings: Added a new toggle to show properties as source (YAML) in Live Preview.
  • Templates: When using the "Insert template" command, properties inside template files will be merged with the current file.
  • Added a new status bar item that shows the number of properties in the currently active note.
  • The Properties heading can now receive keyboard focus. When focused, use the left and right arrow keys to toggle the section open or closed.
  • The Tags core plugin has been renamed to "Tags view."
  • The Properties core plugin has been renamed to "Properties view."

No longer broken

  • Live Preview now supports single column tables.
  • The Property value autosuggest will no longer return stale values.
  • Fixed headings not scaling with base font size.
  • Numbers everywhere should now be formatted in the app. For example, word count and character count will have thousands separators.
  • Fixed bug where "Show file properties" view would not show the file properties on initial load.
  • Canvas: Frontmatter in Canvas cards is no longer hidden.
  • Added instructions to suggest boxes in Properties editor.
  • Enabled copy/cut/paste in Properties sidebar view.
  • Clicking quickly on close-tab button will no longer trigger maximize-window on macOS.
  • Added max date to Date and Time properties; so no more referencing dates beyond the year 9,999.
  • Fixed bug when selecting an alias from the link suggest causing the heading getting removed from the link.
  • Date and Time properties now use Moment.js for parsing meaning it will now be more lax when reading formatted dates in properties.
  • Search: The 'Show more context' button can be pressed multiple times in a row.
  • Properties: fixed typing accented characters in text properties.
  • Properties: fold state is now saved to the note.
  • Fixed issue with inserting properties when auto-pairing markdown is disabled.
  • Fixed the "Add file property" command not reusing the current file properties view.
  • Properties: disabled autosuggest for aliases.
  • Properties sidebar view won't show "add properties" button if the active file is not a markdown file.
  • Editor Search: Fixed issue where \´ character was treated as space ( ).


  • Disabled soft line width in stringifyYaml (this was causing some breakages with other plugins reading the YAML).
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