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August 23, 2023

Shiny new things

  • Search: New search syntax for properties.
    • To find notes containing a property, use [property]
    • To find notes with a property and a corresponding value, use [property:value]
    • Both property and value allow complex sub-queries, such as parentheses for grouping, the OR operator, double-quotes for exact matching, and regex.
  • Search: Search autocomplete will now be shown based on the current input context.


  • Editor: Formatting commands for bold, italic, etc are now context-aware. For example, "Toggle bold" inside a bolded sentence will un-bold the sentence.
  • Backlinks: Properties with links will now properly show in backlink entries.
  • Sync: Always show a visual representation of storage usage.
  • Note Composer: Merging notes will now merge their properties.
  • Properties: Tags can optionally start with a leading '#'.
  • Properties: Fixed middle-clicking on links.
  • Properties: Renamed the property type 'Time' to 'Date & time' for clarity.

No longer broken

  • Live Preview: Fixed frontmatter sometimes appearing under properties for a split second while editing.
  • Properties: Clicking on properties will now use the new search syntax for finding properties.
  • Properties: Fixed heading links inside list properties always appearing as broken links.
  • Properties: Fixed being unable to use up/down arrows when frontmatter is showing.
  • Properties: Fixed frequency sort in the properties view.
  • Properties: List property now saves when it loses focus.
  • Vim: Fix for spellchecker.


  • SearchComponent is now properly exported.
  • Theme: New display variables for reading and editing mode:
    • --metadata-display-reading
    • --metadata-display-editing
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