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August 30, 2023

Shiny new things

  • Obsidian accounts now support two-factor authentication. To enable, go to your account settings at Make sure you've installed the v1.4.5 Insider build before enabling 2FA on your account to avoid getting locked out.


  • macOS: Added additional formatting commands to the app menu.

No longer broken

  • Search: Searching for an exact property match is no longer case sensitive (e.g. [property:value] will also show matches for "Property").
  • Properties: Making changes to the casing of a property ("property" vs. "PROPERTY") will now properly save.
  • Properties: It is no longer possible to have multiple property types with the same spelling and different casing. Properties with the same spelling will now always resolve to the same property type.
  • Properties: It is no longer possible to change the default property type.
  • Properties: Pressing Enter on an empty list entry will no longer display an error message.
  • Properties can no longer have both 'tag' and '#tag' as entries in the same file.
  • Canvas: Frontmatter in canvas text cards will no longer be hidden.
  • Properties: Fixed tag dropdown showing briefly in the top-level corner when removing a tag.
  • Editor: Fixed "Insert code block" and "Insert match block" working with multiple cursors.
  • macOS: Fixed "Date & time" showing as "Date time" in the property menu.
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