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December 12, 2023



  • Triple-click in a table cell to select the whole table.
  • Clicking on the drag-indicators is now a quick way to select the entire row or column.
  • Improved performance of the table editor when rendering large tables.
  • "Insert template" now works within table cells.
  • Dragging rows and columns in the table will now move the row/column instead of swapping it.


  • We have overhauled our formatting commands (e.g. "Toggle bold"). The commands now support multiple-cursors, work across multiple lines, works with table selections, and even detect existing formatting in the selection and "intelligently" places the formatting characters without breaking the document formatting.
  • There is a new "Format" submenu when you right-click in a Markdown document to easily toggle the inline formatting for the current text selection.
  • New "Clear formatting" command to remove inline formatting from the current selection


  • The Outline view now has a "collapse all" button as well as a search field for filtering the list of headings in the file.
  • The view is now registered with the "Page preview" core plugin. Preview individual headings in the note on hover.


  • We've done some shuffling around in the settings.
    • "About" has been renamed to "General" and is now first in the list.
    • "About → Advanced" Section has been removed.
    • "About → Disable GPU" has been moved to Appearance.
    • "About → Override config folder" has been moved to Files and Links.


  • When viewing the version history for a file, changes made by the same user on the same device will now be grouped together. And Markdown will be rendered to more closely match reading mode.


  • Reorganized the menu when right-clicking on a folder in the file explorer.
  • New "Search in folder" menu item when right-clicking on a folder
  • Improved appearance of inline code when it soft-wraps to the next line.
  • New css class for order-list-number (.formatting-list-ol).

No longer broken

  • Search operators such as file: and path: are now case-insensitive. So you can use "FILE:" or "PATH:" now.
  • Outgoing links: Fixed issue where unresolved block links would render as an empty row in outgoing links view.
  • Fixed issue where links with custom display text (i.e. [[link|alias]]) would render incorrectly after a table.
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