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December 26, 2023



  • Added new "Insert" and "Paragraph" menus when right-clicking in the editor.
  • We've made lots of small tweaks to the new formatting logic so it should handle even more complex Markdown selections.

Obsidian Sync

  • The prompt when deleting a remote vault will now include the name of the vault getting deleted.


  • Added support for embedded .avif files.
  • Tags in the global search suggest box will now be sorted alphabetically.

No longer broken

  • Triple-clicking in a table cell will no longer select the entire table. Instead, this will keep the expected behavior of selecting all the text in the cell. Quadruple-clicking in a table cell will select the entire table.
  • Table selection is now always cleared when clicking outside of a table cell.
  • Fixed alignment of list markers in Live Preview and reading mode.
  • The statusbar will no longer jitter when you open a file from the file explorer.
  • Fixed issue where "Clear formatting" inside a table selection messing up the table formatting.
  • "Add cursor above" and "Add cursor below" will now work as expected when you have multiple cursors already active.
  • Missing embedded media attachments no longer give a prompt to "Click to create."
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