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March 13, 2024



  • It's now possible to drag and drop content into table cells.
  • Fixed "Show context menu" command when cursor is inside a table cell.
  • Allow deleting line before table if its first line.

Obsidian Sync

  • The deleted files list should now load much faster for users with large vaults.


  • The list of workspaces now shows the last modified time of each workspace.
  • Added new "Save layout" command.
  • The active workspace is now highlighted in the workspace switcher.


  • Add system default font options for Windows and Linux.
  • Update monospace system font stack.


  • Enabling "Restricted mode" in the settings will now automatically reload the app to ensure that plugins are completely unloaded.
  • The "Move current file to another folder" command now properly handles moving files into the same folder they are currently in
  • Properties: Ensure text property resets when pressing escape.
  • Fixed issue where cssclasses would sometimes stay applied to the tab when switching to another file.
  • Fix bug with unresolved link color being overridden.
  • Removed extra top padding when window is fullscreen-ed and using "Obsidian frame" setting.

For developers

  • Fixed revealLeaf failing to focus the correct window.
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