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March 13, 2024



  • Animations throughout the app have been sped up slightly.
  • Fixed the appearance of dialogs throughout the app to appear more uniform.
  • Minor tweaks to the layout of the mobile toolbar.
  • Improved layout of community plugins directory.
  • Fixed the status bar color in light mode for tablets.
  • The last updated date in community plugins is now hidden on smaller devices.
  • Settings will now slide in from the left.


  • Minor improvements to scrolling in Live Preview. Should reduce the amount of times that scrolling gets interrupted.


  • Select input text on tablet.
  • Fix placeholder text not showing for date and datetime properties.
  • Fixed issue where arrow keys would not always function when properties were focused.


  • Typing -- at the start of a line will no longer get converted to a en-dash.
  • Native interface elements such as the text selection menu and iPad keyboard overlay will now following the color scheme.

No longer broken

  • Fixed the "toggle sidebar" commands causing the sidebars to get completely hidden.
  • The formatting submenu will no longer appear in the editor context menu.
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