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  • Includes all new functionality and bug fixes up to Obsidian Desktop v1.6.1.
  • The mobile sidebars have received a slight design refresh. In an effort to reduce some of the visual complexity, we've changed the sidebar tabs to a dropdown list. We also removed the "fullscreen" button to further simplify things.
  • Select table cells by dragging the caret.
  • You can now fuzzy search for commands when adding them to the mobile toolbar.
  • Fixed lists rendering too far to the right in reading mode.

Obsidian Sync

  • Layout improvements when viewing the activity log and the file sync history.

No longer broken

  • Ensure that filesystem mkdir errors are caught on initial load.
  • Tweaks to the iCloud loading screen.
  • The "Hide keyboard" button now also appears in the mobile toolbar on iPad.


  • Fixed navigation bar staying hidden after opening a link.
  • Show keypad when number property is focused.
  • Soft keyboard will now show "next" on iOS and "enter" on Android.
  • Disabled autocapitalize for property names and tag values.


  • The splash screen now remains visible until the app has fully loaded.
  • Fix appearance of vault switcher when transitioning between screens.
  • Fix box-shadow getting cut off clipped in Sync's activity log.
  • Fix animation getting skipped when pressing "cancel" in a modal.
  • Minor animation/shadow tweaks for dialogs.
  • Fixed the context menus on side drawer tabs automatically closing.
  • Fix alignment of the view header (it's finally centered).


  • Fixed the Share Sheet not always working on iOS.
  • Increased the maximum number of items you can "Share" using the iOS Share Sheet to 100.


  • There is a new .mobile-tap class that gets applied to elements when they are tapped. If you want to add an active state to your buttons on mobile, you can add the class .tappable to your element. When your element is touched, a .mobile-tap class will get applied.
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