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  • The inline footnote suggest now allows for spaces when searching for footnotes via [^.
  • Pressing the clear button when there is no input will now dismiss the prompt.


  • Fix disconnecting from vault sometimes hanging indefinitely.
  • Automatically disconnect from vaults that do not exist.
  • Standardized "Vault not found" error message.
  • Remove redundant disconnect button.
  • Fixed issue where Sync would not reset your settings properly when switching to a different remote vault.

No longer broken

  • Fixed issue where File Explorer would sometimes load without remembering which folders were expanded.
  • Improved the layout and styling of the login screen inside settings.
  • Minor updates to the notices shown when installing community themes and plugins.
  • Views that cannot navigate (e.g. the File Explorer) will no longer show pinned icons if they are pinned in the workspace.
  • The "Find" and "Replace" menu items now have their own menu section.
  • Fixed table cell text alignment for RTL text.
  • Multiple consecutive spaces are no longer collapsed in file names.
  • The "toggle bullet list" command will now turn a task list into a bullet list.
  • Fixed double-click not working in table cells.
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