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  • Includes all new functionality and bug fixes up to Obsidian Desktop v1.6.2.
  • Redesigned notices. They will now appear at the bottom of the screen.
  • Added a drag handle to dismissable menus.

No longer broken

  • The splash screen will show again if the app closes due to iOS memory compression.
  • Input prompts will no longer automatically capitalize the first letter.
  • Add padding to the bottom of the main settings page.
  • Fixed the vim bottom panel styling on phone screens. It should now appear above the toolbar.
  • Minor fixes for the publish screen layout on phone screens.
  • The "Close window" command will no longer appear on mobile devices.
  • The "Undo close tab" command should not attempt to create a new tab group on mobile.
  • Fix back button not always getting removed inside the Community plugins view.
  • Fixed horizontal table scrolling.
  • Fixed iOS not being able to open the context menu on sidebar tabs.
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