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October 6, 2021

Shiny new things

  • The theme store has received a massive upgrade! The interface has been completely revamped, now with download counts, sorting options, and a button to update each theme.
  • There is now a new core plugin called "Slash commands". Activating it will allow you to type / while editing to trigger any command.


  • Updated CodeMirror 5 with several bug fixes.
  • Updated Mermaid.js with several bug fixes.

No longer broken

  • Removed hardcoded navigation shortcuts Alt+Left/Right.
  • Fixed large pages with multiple queries causes some queries to stop working.
  • Fixed some search operators when used in combination causes wrong results.
  • Fixed rare case of workspace leaving an empty space in the sidebar that can't be closed.
  • Fixed sync's setting history modal has the incorrect title of "deleted files".


  • Command palette now renders the plugin name and command name in separate elements to facilitate CSS styling.
  • Plugins that crash after onLayoutReady will now show a message to help debug.
  • New EditorSuggest is now accessible to the API to provide in-line suggestions, like auto-complete. This is what powers the link auto-complete, tag auto-complete, and slash commands.
  • Keymap has now been exposed with isModEvent to help check if the user is holding Ctrl/Cmd or pressing the middle mouse button. This is used as a convention to "open in new pane".
  • There are now 3 new workspace events:
    • editor-change fired when an editor has received changes. This event happens fairly frequently so please be mindful of performance when using it.
    • editor-paste fired before the editor handles a paste event. If you handle the paste event, you should call evt.preventDefault() to let the next handler know that it's been handled.
    • editor-drop fired before the editor receives a drop event. Works the same was as the paste event.
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