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  • Linux version first release.
  • Slides plugin: use --- to separate your slides and start presenting right away.
  • Audio recorder plugin: record audio and save as attachment (it gets automatically appended to the end of your current file).
  • If you have a file at Folder/Another folder/My and "My note" is a unique name, [[My note]] and [[my note]] internal links will now resolve. It used to be that only the complete link will be resolved.
  • Last opened tab and plugin enabled status are now saved in config.
  • Graph view: navigate to file when clicking on a node.
  • Graph view: collision detection to avoid overlap.
  • Graph view: allow scroll to see the entire picture.
  • Graph view: better link placement.
  • Graph view: scroll to center on load.
  • Graph view: visually distinguish non-existent linked nodes.
  • Graph view: hide orphan nodes for now.
  • App: fix app loads at a small fixed size.
  • App: fix developer tools being visible when app first loads.
  • Explorer: warn about duplicate file names when renaming.
  • Explorer: warn about forbidden characters in file names.
  • Sidebar: sidebar title should not be select-able.
  • Sidebar: click current tab again to collapse.
  • Sidebar: add collapse button to each panel.

Initial release.

Notable features include:

  • Choose vault and list all the compatible files.
  • [[Internal link]] with auto-complete.
  • Image (.png) and audio (.mp3) file embed with ![[filename.png]] [[embedding]] syntax.
  • Plugin system.
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